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Find the Perfect Voice for National Recovery, Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Month
Learn More About Ruth Pointer

Grammy-Winning Group, The Pointer Sisters
Known for her deep, soulful voice, Pointer recently penned the heartfelt memoir, Still So Excited!: My Life as a Pointer Sister and shares her experiences with addiction, recovery, and redemption.
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Learn More About David Granirer

Counselor & Stand-Up Comic
After struggling with anxiety and depression for years, Granirer founded Stand Up For Mental Health, a program that teaches stand-up comedy to people with mental illness as a way of helping them build confidence, fight public stigma, and heal. +Read More

Learn More About Candy Finnigan

Interventionist on the A&E Series Intervention
Known as “The Face of Recovery” on the Emmy-winning A&E series Intervention, Finnigan is a nationally recognized addiction specialist and interventionist who has been involved in all areas of the recovery business for over 25 years. +Read More

Learn More About Todd Crandell

Founder & President of Racing for Recovery

After overcoming a 13-year battle with addiction that nearly destroyed his life, Crandell became dedicated to helping substance abusers rechannel their destructive behaviors into positive, life-affirming actions. Offering a modern alternative to traditional recovery programs, he founded Racing for Recovery. +Read More

Learn More About David & Nic Sheff

Mental Health Advocates
Authors of acclaimed books such as Beautiful Boy, which is being made into a feature film, Clean, and Tweak, this father-son pair shares a candid look at addiction and how society addresses and treats such illnesses. +Read More

Learn More About Patrick Kennedy

Former U.S. Representative
Having struggled with bipolar disorder and addiction, Kennedy aims to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness. He recently released his first book, A Common Struggle, helping chart the course for changing the way we view mental health and addiction in this country.
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Learn More About Kathy Conkrite

Mental Health Advocate
A renowned writer and journalist, Cronkite counts herself as one among millions who live with clinical depression. She is the author of On the Edge of Darkness and delivers the clear message that, in order to combat the stigma attached to depression, we must accept it as the medical condition it is.
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Learn More About Joe Pantoliano

Emmy-Winning Actor & Film Producer
An award-winning actor, “Joey Pants” is known for his tough-guy roles in Memento and The Sopranos. But it was his role as a father dealing with his wife's mental illness in 2006's Canvas that inspired him to face his own clinical depression and his childhood growing up with a mother who was bipolar.
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Learn More About Richard Dreyfuss

Academy Award-Winning Actor
Having held starring roles in such hit films as Jaws and Mr. Holland's Opus, Dreyfuss is one of America's most versatile and charismatic actorsand he almost lost it all to drug addiction. He inspires audiences with his candid story of hitting rock bottom, entering rehab, and making one of Hollywood's most incredible comebacks. +Read More

Learn More About William Cope Moyers

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
As the vice president of public affairs and community relations at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Moyers has committed himself to helping people, families, and communities understand the power of addiction and the promise and possibility of recovery. He authored Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption. +Read More

Learn More About Lou Gossett Jr.

Award-Winning Actor & Activist
A sought-after veteran actor, Oscar winner Gossett has a unique talent for portraying powerful and charismatic characters. But his success didn't come without setbacks. After battling a longtime drug and alcohol addiction, he finally checked into rehab and has been clean for over a decade. +Read More

Learn More About David Satcher

16th U.S. Surgeon General
Having published such groundbreaking reports as Closing the Gap: A National Blueprint to Improve the Health of Persons with Mental Retardation, Dr. Satcher is credited for raising the public's awareness of mental health issues. He continues to encourage dialogue surrounding mental illness and suicide prevention. +Read More

Learn More About Christopher Kennedy Lawford

Actor, Motivator & Author
Prior to his successes in politics, business, and acting, Lawford battled a drug and alcohol addiction. Speaking on the challenges of overcoming this illness, he offers a compelling message of survival, hope, and finding one’s integrity. His latest book is What Addicts Know: 10 Lessons from Recovery to Benefit Everyone. +Read More

Learn More About Naomi Judd

Grammy-Winning Singer
A country music icon, Judd is also a popular speaker on such topics as health and wellness and the mind/body/spirit connection. Discussing the eight characteristics of survivors, from having a support system to having a purpose in your life, she teaches audiences how to not only survive, but thrive amidst personal difficulties. +Read More

Learn More About Brian Cuban

Recovery Advocate
Younger brother of Shark Tank's and Dallas Mavericks' Mark Cuban, Brian draws from personal experience as he examines the factors that led to his eating and substance use disorders. A passionate advocate for mental health awareness, he is the author of Shattered Image.
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Learn More About Pat O'Brien

Broadcaster & Bestselling Author
Known for his work as a sportscaster with CBS and NBC, and as host of Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, and the Insider, O'Brien privately battled alcoholism throughout his storied career. Now, more than seven years sober, he counsels athletes, celebrities, and others fighting addiction on a daily basis. 
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Learn More About Judy Collins

Legendary Folk Singer & Activist
A Grammy-winning musical icon, Collins faced tragedy when her son committed suicide at the age of 33. She shares a deeply moving account of her journey from agony to hope in the memoir Sanity and Grace; she also authored Sweet Judy Blue Eyes, her life story in which she discusses alcoholism, relationships, and the music that helped define a generation. +Read More

Learn More About Janine Turner

Actress, Author & Radio Host
Best known for her role as "Maggie O'Connell" in the Emmy Award-winning CBS series Northern Exposure, Turner is an acclaimed actress and civic engagement advocate. As a recovering alcoholic with two decades of sobriety, she discusses her own battle with alcoholism while sharing a powerful and inspiring message of hope and faith that substance abuse can be successfully conquered. +Read More

Learn More About Ray Charles Jr.

Son of Ray Charles
An accomplished entrepreneur, author, and film producer, Ray is the son of the legendary entertainer, Ray Charles. In his NAACP Image Award-winning memoir, You Don’t Know Me: Reflections of My Father, Ray candidly discusses how addiction nearly destroyed both his and his father's lives. +Read More

Learn More About Tom Arnold

Comedian, Actor & Writer
One of Hollywood's most entertaining funnymen, Arnold is a Golden Globe-winning writer and producer. Sober for 20 years, he blends serious insight with humor as he shares his experiences with addiction and recovery+Read More

Learn More About Tony Hoffman

Pro BMX Competitor & Recovering Addict
Once a top-ranked BMX amateur with multiple contract endorsements, Hoffman lost it all when he became caught in a downward spiral of addiction. He has since founded the Freewheel Project, a non-profit BMX racing organization devoted to educating youth on the importance of leading drug-free lives.
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Learn More About Chris Herren

Addiction Recovery Advocate & Former NBA Player
A hometown basketball legend, Herren realized his dream of playing for the Celtics only to lose it all to addiction—an incredible story chronicled in both his memoir, Basketball Junkie, and the ESPN documentary, Unguarded. Now drug-free and alcohol-free since 2008, he inspires with his story of how he refocused his life to put sobriety and family above all else.  
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Learn More About Andie MacDowell

Acclaimed Actress
Known for her roles in such hits as Four Weddings and a Funeral and Groundhog Day, MacDowell has led a fulfilling and successful career; yet, her personal life always felt incomplete. Candidly discussing everything from her difficult childhood, during which she watched her mother battle alcoholism, to relationship struggles later in life, MacDowell leads audiences through her journey toward healing and what finally made her "feel complete."
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