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Hello Cara,

APB recently asked Emmy-winning journalist, author and cancer survivor Samantha Harris to share real-world tips and strategies that will help us all stay healthy while enjoying the holiday season—and we want to share them with you!

Samantha empowers each of us to take control of our health and live our best and healthiest lives. Her advice will not only boost positivity, but build resiliency and get you ready to tackle 2021! As Rita Wilson said, “If knowledge is power, then Samantha Harris is Wonder Woman!”

Have a happy and healthy holiday!

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Fiber Up! Eat an apple (ideally organic!) with a side of raw nuts (also ideally organic) before heading to a holiday dinner…even if it’s a pandemic-version at home with your immediate family. If apples and nuts aren’t for you, then choose another fiber-rich option with a small amount of healthy fat (such as carrots/cucumbers and hummus; broccoli dipped in guacamole; celery with organic almond butter).

Fit in Fitness! Grab a family member (or perhaps Fido!) and go for a power walk or jog during the holidays. Bonding time plus exercise plus nature equals more control when it comes to feasting or binging. The endorphins energize you while also providing patience and a “healthifying” mindset when faced with temptations.

Portion Control Patrol! Be the boss of your food intake. Keep in mind portion size when filling your plate. Our eyes tend to betray our stomachs, so listen to your body and stop eating before you’re “full.” (Read next tip for how to do just that!)

Veg Pledge! Time to make a veggie alliance. Fill your plate half full of vegetables at every meal and you will be well on your way to an energizing, weight-controlled, happy and healthier existence. It helps fill you up, too! This pledge will also help you control the amount of nutrient-deficient snacking you do.

Sneak in (Healthy) Snacks! Think of snack time as a bonus for adding in nutrient-dense, satiating nourishment. Nix the non-foods, which deplete us of healthy cells and immune function adding to inflammation that can lead to chronic diseases. Pre-cut produce that sits at the front of your fridge – in a glass container – will allow you to grab-and-go without the searching that can lead to unhealthful choices.

Meditate Madness! Take mini-meditation moments—just a deep breath to slow down and center yourself when you’re feeling particularly frazzled. This can truly help when family Zooms are zooming you out of patience.

Unplug! Switch everything to airplane mode for just an hour … and free yourself from the constant pings of social media and email. Allow yourself this time for self-care by foam-rolling, stretching/yoga, taking time to call a friend and socialize, take a hot bubble bath, read a book, or even journal.

Remove Mailed Munchies! The holidays often mean a constant barrage of good-cheer cookies, cakes, muffins and more. Perhaps keep one or two from each delivery but then re-package to re-gift or toss the rest to eliminate diving head-first into them nightly.

Helluva Hydatration! It’s not enough to drink when eating or only when working out. We need to moisturize our body and soul with replenishing water. It also helps to trick our mind into thinking we’ve had enough to eat, which leads to fewer face-plants into pie.

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