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Navigating life would be much easier if we were equipped with our own personal road maps. Unfortunately there are unexpected twists and turns, and we experience different challenges and life altering experiences along the way—such as a serious illness of you or a loved one, or the isolation of a pandemic with lasting effects.

APB exclusive speaker BLAKE LEEPER has defied insurmountable odds and gone on to achieve incredible things, while inspiring others along the way. Blake is now sharing his incredible personal journey of how his adversity is his advantage. 

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APB Exclusive Speaker Blake Leeper Shares Personal Journey of Overcoming Adversity to Help Others Become More Resilient

Born without legs from a congenital birth defect, BLAKE LEEPER has never been one for excuses. He instead took to running, defied the odds, and went on to become an Olympic/Paralympic Games Medalist and world record holder. Passionate about helping others become more resilient and confident, Blake arms audiences with the strategies and tools to adapt to life-changing situations and emerge even stronger than before!

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"Things Are Tough Right Now - Our Adversity is Our Advantage"

"Paralympic Star Cheers on Toddler's First Steps with Prosthetic Leg"

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JANUARY: MLK Day (January 18), Cervical Cancer Month, National Winter Sports Traumatic Brain Injury Month, National Birth Defects Prevention Month

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