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Top Titles From Some of Our Leading Speakers

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David Epstein
#1 NYT Bestselling Author
Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

After researching the world’s top performers, Epstein proves that in most fields, generalists can enhance even highly specialized healthcare environments. Outlining how all organizations can hire, develop and cross-train to improve performance, Epstein’s fascinating book and talks also share unexpected insights for any healthcare organization looking to work on the patient experience and lead and achieve in an ever-changing healthcare world.

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Dr. Eva Selhub
Resiliency Expert & Coach
Resilience For Dummies

An internationally recognized expert on resiliency and stress reduction, Dr. Selhub specializes in helping individuals and organizations improve health, wellbeing, productivity and outcomes by creating a culture of resilience. In Resilience For Dummies, she outlines the proven steps we can all take toward optimal resilience to build healthier, more purposeful and increasingly joyful lives.

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Rebekah Taussig
Disability Advocate & Educator
Sitting Pretty: The View From My Ordinary Resilient Disabled Body

Paralyzed after childhood cancer, Taussig challenges everything you think you know about disability as she shares her experience of living in a body that looks and moves differently than most. Offering an intimate glimpse into her experiences navigating the world as a disabled woman, she invites us to look critically at the structures on which our communities are builtpresenting a compelling new lens to look through where access and inclusion is an ongoing conversation.

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Daniel E. Dawes, J.D.
Health Policy Expert & Author
The Political Determinants of Health

The Executive Director of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine, Dawes is a trailblazer and nationally respected voice in the health equity movement. His scholarship and leadership, particularly the innovative political determinants of health framework that he pioneered, have resulted in increased policies and laws prioritizing health equity. By tackling upstream determinants of health, he has ventured into such uncharted territory as the intersection between equity and the social and political determinants of health to change the course of domestic and global policies for the better.

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Donna Hicks
Associate at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Author & Renowned Authority on Dignity
Leading with Dignity: How to Create a Culture That Brings Out the Best in People

In this acclaimed book, Hicks explores the often overlooked role of dignity and how to create a culture of dignity in any organization. Relating her findings to the healthcare arena specifically, she explains that harm to one’s dignity hurts, just like a physical wound. In fact, research shows that when people experience a violation of dignity, it follows the same neural pathway as a physical injury. According to Hicks, caring for and attending to people’s dignity must become a healthcare imperative that goes beyond how patients and their families are treated. It requires system-wide change to ensure that all members of the healthcare community feel confident they are valued.

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Nora McInerny
Best-Selling Author & Podcast Host: Terrible, Thanks for Asking
Bad Moms: The Novel

What happens when a trio of overworked and underappreciated good moms gets pushed beyond their limits? They turn “bad," ditch the kids, the housework and their clueless partners with hilarious and heartwarming results. From her top five viral TED Talk to hosting the podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking, McInerny is an expert on facing life’s rough edges and shares ideas on how to live life fully.

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Rupa Marya
Physician, Activist, Writer, Composer, Founder of Deep Medicine Circle & Co-Founder of Do No Harm Coalition
Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice

The COVID pandemic and the shocking racial disparities in its impact. The surge in inflammatory illnesses. Mass uprisings around the world in response to systemic racism and violence. These incidents have caused our bodies, societies and planet to become inflamed. So, is there any solution? Through the latest in scientific research, her work with patients in marginalized communities and the wisdom of Indigenous groups, Dr. Marya illuminates the hidden relationships between our biological systems and the profound injustices of our political and economic systems. She shares what it will take to heal not only our bodies but also the world.

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